My life has always been nestled close into the military community. Growing up I was an Air Force brat and just a year after my military dependent I.D. expired I was getting a new one- for the Army this time. Growing up with a father in the military exposed me to a lot of things many “regular” families never get to know, so I felt fairly prepared in becoming an Army Wife. There is so much more, though, then I even realized at the time. You never really, “know what you’re getting into,” despite the fact that people will tell you that you did. So, here are some great books for military spouses that I think have helped me, and can help you navigate through this crazy life we live and learn to be prepared, to be involved, and to use OPSEC!


Separated By Duty, United in Love by Shellie Vandevoorde and Married to the Military by Meredith Leyva are my favorite recommendations. Use these two to prepare for deployments. I recommend reading them before, highlighting and bookmarking parts that are important to you, and then using them to create a deployment binder. Keep these books and your binder close at hand during the deployment and it will help a lot!

The Modern Military Spouse written by Lauren Tamm, Jo, My Gosh! and J.D. Collins is wonderful for new spouses (and they’re significant others!) who are completely lost in the alphabet soup.

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman has been lauded as one of the best marriage tools for everyone, but Gary Chapman recognized the Military relationships can be a little bit…. different. He created a book just for our community and you can use it to strengthen your relationship and communication skills, which are key before and after deployments and long separations.

Mollie Gross commiserates with you in her witty and honest account of her experiences with the military community in Confessions of a Military Wife. In Military life it’s common to use humor to get through tough times and that is exactly what this book will do!

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